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Steven Rickards and Nathan Medley traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the debut of the concert version of John Adams’ oratorio, “The Gospel According to the Other Mary,” a spiritual companion piece to the composer’s “El Niño” (2000). The libretto incorporates writings by Rosario Castellanos, Dorothy Day, Louise Erdich and June Jordan; May 31-June 3.

Rehearsal in Walt Disney Concert Hall
(The Hall the Mouse Built)

Brian Cummings, Dan Bubeck, Steven Rickards, Nathan Medley, Andy Rader
(A Murder of Altos? A Pod of Countertenors?)

Nathan Medley, Tamara Mumford, Dan Bubeck, Andy Rader, Kelley O’Connor, Brian Cummings
(Tenors and Basses need not apply)

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