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Early Music Vocal Ensemble with Baroque Instruments

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Baroque and Beyond
This concert juxtaposes early English repertoire of the 16th and 17th Centuries with compositions for countertenor and early instruments from the 20th and 21st Centuries. In addition to works by Henry Purcell and John Blow, this vibrant and accessible program includes works by modern composers such as John Gardner, Gregory Rose, Geoffrey Burgon, Peter Racine Fricker, Walter Bergman, Peter Dickinson, and Sir Michael Tippett.
Cupid's Dart
This program explores and presents timeless and universal aspects of love through poetry and song of the Renaissance and Baroque. The listener will experience the power of love's mystery, pain, and fulfillment.
Ein fest Burg ist unser Gott
Echoing Air presents a concert of music of late 16th through early 18th century Lutheran composers. The program illustrates the Lutheran ideals of personal relationship with God and the increased use of the vernacular German language. The concert features works of Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, Dieterich Buxtehude, Vincent Lübeck, Johann Rosenmüller, Johann Fischer, and Dietrich Becker.
An Evening with Mr. Henry Purcell
England's most illustrious 17th Century composer, Henry Purcell, is presented in an historical perspective through readings and song. The script highlights aspects of Purcell's life and times in the context of the English Restoration of the Monarchy. The concert consists of examples of Purcell's varied musical output including music for the court, the theatre, the church, and the concert hall. This program is often performed in collaboration with a local choir or choirs performing choral works by Purcell and his contemporaries.
Hark, How The Songsters
This concert features duets and solo songs as well as chamber works by Henry Purcell and his contemporaries from Restoration England.
The Harmonious Vagabond
Inspired by the travels and varied career of Scottish countertenor and composer John Abell (1653-c.1724), Echoing Air presents a variety of sacred and secular vocal and instrumental Baroque music of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland.
Out of the Orient Crystal Skies
Echoing Air presents a celebration of Christmas with readings from the King James Bible and music spanning the Medieval to the Baroque, including chant, Medieval English carols, Renaissance polyphony, and Baroque chamber music. The concert features music of European and English composers including Philipp Friedrich Böddecker, Dieterich Buxtehude, William Byrd, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Tarquinio Merula, Claudio Monteverdi, Samuel Scheidt, Johann Hermann Schein, and Heinrich Schütz.