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Early Music Vocal Ensemble with Baroque Instruments

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An Evening with Mr. Henry Purcell
The life and times of England's most illustrious 17th Century composer, Henry Purcell, is presented in an historical perspective through readings and song, featuring Samuel Pepys and other contemporary figures. The script features the various aspects of Purcell's life and output, including church music, theater music, and instrumental music. This program could be interactive in nature featuring a choir, and might conclude with Purcell catches involving audience participation.

Hark How The Songsters
The art of baroque chamber music is explored, featuring duets by Henry Purcell for countertenors and recorders, including "Sound the Trumpet," from Come Ye Sons of Art. Solo works of Pelham Humphrey, Daniel Purcell, and Henry Lawes are also presented. The program features the poignant Elegy on the Death of Queen Mary, and the Ode On the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell by Dr. John Blow.

Tis Love That Has Warmed Us
The timeless and universal aspects of love are explored in this program. Through poetry, love letters, and song, the listener will experience the power of love's mystery and fulfillment.

Tis Nature's Voice?
Mr. Medley and Mr. Rickards explore the history of the countertenor repertoire through song and speech from medieval times to the present day. Audiences will garner an appreciation for the uniqueness of the countertenor voice.

A program featuring lamentations in French, German, and English; featuring works of Francois Couperin. Reflective works perfect for the Lenten season.